Student Organisations

OnCampus help you to..

  • Create and run your own interactive website
  • Design the website however you want. There are no restrictions
  • Customise registration forms with full NUS Extra integration
  • Get as many editors involved as you want with our easy edit interface
  • Collect the information you want about your membership
  • Communicate more effectively with your membership through our 'campus network' social platform
  • Develop a better understanding of your membership's use of your website with full Analytics transparency.
  • Sell your products online; Tickets, Merchandise, Subscriptions, Room bookings
  • To sell, track and report on local advertising campaigns (which you retain 100% of the revenue)
  • Provide your sports and societies with their own interactive community space
  • Take subscriptions and medical forms online
  • BUSA integrated, with league tables and top scorers
  • Improve your ranking with the search engines to drive more people to your website

All our services are provided for free! Plus we guarantee revenue based on registered users, active users and website traffic. So, the more your site is used by your members, the more we pay you!

For more information or to book a presentation at your organisation, Please contact Nick Cambden on or call 0207 401 0965.

OnCampus is currently finalising it’s product offering for 2009. We will be relaunching this Corporate website in the near future. Click here to email Nick Cambden at OnCampus to be asked to be notified when the new site is launched.