About Us

OnCampus provides student websites for Unions from around the UK. Our mission is to provide a cutting edge online presence for our partners at no-cost.

To deliver this we will ensure that:

1. All students can access easily the information they need on-line and by mobile phone, safely and at no cost to the student.

2. The information we provide is both comprehensive and yet campus specific, whether sports and entertainment, social and housing, political or academic information – delivering a high degree of relevance and accessibility.

3. The information students receive and the brands they encounter have a high affinity to the individual student, not simply the mass of all students – that it meets identified needs and interests and is both available and affordable.

We will deliver our services to students in partnership with:

Student Unions’ – providing at no cost to the Union – ideas, initiatives and resource designed to encourage students to engage with – and generate revenue for their Union

Advertisers – providing a controlled and accountable media channel to individual students with a high propensity to purchase a specific category and specific brands – ensuring that our cost and measurement metrics are focused around the commercial value of each new buyer.